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Review article

November 29, 2019

Focal Cortical Dysplasia in Pediatric Epilepsy
Sun Ah Choi, Ki Joong Kim
J Korean Child Neurol Soc. 2019;27(4):93-104.

Review article

December 26, 2019

Advances in Ketogenic Diet Therapies in Pediatric Epilepsy
Battamir Enkhtuy, Hye Eun Kwon, Heung Dong Kim
J Korean Child Neurol Soc. 2019;27(4):105-112.

Original article

November 21, 2019

Clinical Characteristics and Prognostic Factors of Children with Guillain-Barré Syndrome
Sea Hyung Kim, Furkat Samadov, Akmal Mukhamedov, et al.
J Korean Child Neurol Soc. 2019;27(4):113-119.

Original article

November 7, 2019

Paroxysmal Seizure-Like Activities Caused by Unrecognized Acute Myocarditis Masquerading as Febrile Seizures in Children
Seong Hee Jeong, Sang Ook Nam, Hyoung Doo Lee, et al.
J Korean Child Neurol Soc. 2019;27(4):120-127.

Original article

November 28, 2019

Diagnosis of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex and Epilepsy Outcomes in Children with Fetal Cardiac Rhabdomyoma: A Long Term Follow-up Study
Dana Kim, Hyun-Jin Kim, Su Jeong You, et al.
J Korean Child Neurol Soc. 2019;27(4):128-134.

Original article

December 10, 2019

Experience of a Single Center in Treating Multiple Manifestations of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex with Everolimus
Hyunji Ahn, Mi-Sun Yum, Han Na Jang, et al.
J Korean Child Neurol Soc. 2019;27(4):135-145.

Impact of Weather on Prevalence of Febrile Seizures in Children
Jung Hee Woo, Seok Bin Oh, Chung Hyuk Yim, et al.
J Korean Child Neurol Soc. 2018;26(4):227-232.

Original Article

December 31, 2018

EEG can Predict Neurologic Outcome in Children Resuscitated from Cardiac Arrest
Dong Hwa Yang, Seok Gyun Ha, Hyo Jeong Kim
J Korean Child Neurol Soc. 2018;26(4):240-245.

Original Article

December 31, 2018

Clinical Features of Herpes Zoster in Children according to Immune Status.
Young Bin Choi, Dong Hyun Kim, Young Se Kwon
J Korean Child Neurol Soc. 2018;26(3):170-174.

Original Article

September 30, 2018

Clinical Features and Practices of Bell Palsy of Children and Adolescent in a Single Center.
Young Hwan Kim, Kye Hyang Lee
J Korean Child Neurol Soc. 2018;26(1):26-31.

Original Article

March 30, 2018

Quinidine Trial in a Patient with Epilepsy of Infancy with Migrating Focal Seizure and KCNT1 Mutation.
Nalee Jee, Ara Ko, Se Hee Kim, et al.
J Korean Child Neurol Soc. 2017;25(3):169-173.

Case Report

September 30, 2017


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